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Teenage Engineering introduces $1,499 handheld field recording device, TP-7

It will be available to purchase sometime this summer

Teenage Engineering introduces $1,499 handheld field recording device, TP-7

Swedish electronics manufacturer Teenage Engineering has unveiled a new compact audio recorder, the TP-7.

Set to be available for purchase from sometime this summer, the handheld device can be used for field recordings, as well as for the recording of podcasts, interviews and other audio. It can store up to 128 GB of sound in high-quality resolution.

The TP-7 also features a motorised tape reel which you can use to easily navigate through recording, while you can also scrub audio through the device's side-mounted rocker. In addition to its internal microphone and speaker, the product has three two-way jacks for outputs and inputs, which can be used to connect headphones, monitors and other microphones.

An accompanying mobile app allows users to easily transcribe audio collected via the device, with text-to-audio editing and other features set to be added to the app in the future.

When the TP-7 is fully launched, it will retail for $1,499.

Find out more about the product via Teenage Engineering's website