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Bandcamp introduces new “Listening Party” feature for albums

Now you can celebrate your favourite artist's new release with a special stream and live chat event

Bandcamp introduces new “Listening Party” feature for albums

Artists and labels can now host "Listening Parties" on Bandcamp.

The new feature allows artists and organisers to plan an event with a live play-through of the Bandcamp album accompanied by a live chat in which the artist and audience can participate. Physical copies of the album, artwork and merch get featured, and fans who purchase the music get a shout out in the chat room.

These streaming events are intended as a new way to highlight new music still in the pre-order stage or on release day, as well as to draw attention to classics and fan favourites on anniversaries. 

3024 label head Martyn described Listening Parties as "the Bandcamp equivalent of chatting with fans after the gig!" on the official Bandcamp hub.

Earlier this year, Bandcamp added a playlist function to its mobile app. 

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