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Welsh DJ wins Technics DMC UK championship after 36 years of trying

Cwmbran DJ Huw Wackman had finished as a runner-time three times

Huw Wackman
Image via DMC / Rob Farrell

Cwmbran DJ Huw Wackman — real name Miaer Lloyd — has won Technics' fabled DMC UK championship after 36 years of trying.

Lloyd managed to pull off the victory with a broken finger and broken gear, according to the BBC

This year, the DMC UK championship took place at Boomtown Festival in Hampshire, with Lloyd appearing in front of a 75,000-capacity audience last Friday (18th August).

Lloyd has entered the DMC UK competition a total of six times since 1987, when it took place at erstwhile Swansea nightclub Martha's Vineyard. He has previously finished as a runner-up three times.

"My dad was a miner and bought me my first decks with his redundancy money back in the 80s," he told the BBC. "I'd go round the clubs learning my craft, practising as hard and as often as I could."

"It goes to show what you can achieve if you just persevere and believe in yourself," he continued. "Now I just can't wait to get over to the US and show everyone over there how we do things here in Wales."

Lloyd cut his teeth as a DJ in the '80s, known then as DJ Excel, and now teaches hip-hop music and culture in south Wales. 

Watch a video of him in action below.